FRK PIANO STUDIO is an Entrepreneurial, Sole-Proprietorship Private School of Music individually operated by Frank R. King. Frank King began his Studies of the Piano, Accordion, and Trumpet at the Age of Eight. He came from a Musical Family and by the Age of Thirteen he was Performing Professionally with a Family Band. A few years later, Frank organized a Jazz Quintet Performing Professionally with that Aggregation for More than a Decade.

At the Age of Seventeen, Frank King began his Private, Instrumental, Teaching Career as he attended TCNJ (formerly, Trenton State College) having a Double Major in Music Education and Psychology. He was Graduated with Honors earning his Baccalaureate Degree. Frank returned to TCNJ in a few years when he took Extensive Musicology Courses at the Graduate Level.

He accumulated a 4.0, Perfect Average in Excess of Forty Credit-Hours, but because of Personal Circumstances, he had to Abandon those Credits without completing his Graduate Thesis. This is Extremely Regrettable, but for all intents & purposes, one ought to think of Frank King as Having Achieved his Graduate Degree in Musicology. While attending Graduate School, Frank Simultaneously worked an Assistantship under the Tutelage of a Brilliant Professor and, in Addition, worked Another Job as well while continuing to Perform Professionally.

Frank King has Taught Music at High School and College and eventually settled into a Private, Teaching Occupation. Presently, Frank King is a Private Instrumental Instructor specializing in Piano Instruction. He conducts his business in his studio, FRK PIANO STUDIO coordinated with teaching at Students' Homes. I AM HE and "Music has Been and Is My Life."

My Primary Focus at FRK PIANO STUDIO is Private, Personalized, Piano Instruction. Educational Electives such as Music Theory, Composition, and Improvisation are Emphatically Encouraged. Other Instrumental Lessons include Trumpet and Accordion. All Musical Genres are Taught. Many of our Most Gifted and Talented Pianists and Composers started Lessons at the Age of Three. While Piano Teachers in general Refuse to accept Very Young Students, I WELCOME THEM. I Invite Eager, Young Minds of ALL AGES from THREE to NINETY-THREE at FRK PIANO STUDIO. My Motto is "Delight In Discovering Your Unique Musical Ability". I'm a Degreed Professional with over Thirty Years of Music, Educational Experience. I Proudly service New Jersey's Burlington and Mercer Counties in the Convenient Location of My studio, FRK PIANO STUDIO. FRK PIANO STUDIO is a Private School of Music and as such, not unlike other private, school enterprises, is tuition-based. The Typical, "hit-or-miss, one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter system of teaching a singular method series" is Replaced with a Progressive, Comprehensive, Teaching Approach using Several, Cornerstone Courses in conjunction with Personally Composed and Arranged Music. This Technique of Personalized, Custom-Tailored, Curriculum Development Maximizes Achievement, Enthusiasm, Advancement, Motivation, and Satisfaction. And don't forget Fun. It is Always more Enjoyable to Practice what Really Fits rather than a "One-Size-Fits-All" agenda. I call this Unique Teaching System, "INDIVIDUALIZATION". Its Success is Absolutely Remarkable!!!

Let's take a Moment to explore Individualization, principally because it is at the Heart of my Pedagogical Armamentarium. Individualization is a Comprehensive Educational Approach to Learning a Musical Instrument through Personalization. I begin with an Assessment of the Individual Student's Musical Aptitude. Predicated on this Evaluation, I develop a Unique, Personalized Curriculum to meet the Unique Requirements of said Student. This Curriculum is Specially Designed to Efficaciously Actualize the Student's musical Potentialities while Maximizing Motivation. As I said previously, "Its Success is Absolutely Remarkable!!!" THAT IS WHY YOU CHOSE FRK PIANO STUDIO.    RESULTS!!!