The Primary Educational Emphasis of my Recitals is NOT Performance Perfection, but rather the Exposure to Sharing Students' Talents and Skills in front of a Supportive Group. Conducted as Practice before an Audience instead of a Test of one's Ability, makes for a Confidence-Building Learning Experience, Void of Anxiety that Generalizes to Audience-Related Performances in General. The Casual Atmosphere, which is Intentionally Promoted, is Key to the Importance of Accentuating the Insignificance of Making Mistakes while the Learning Experience of Performing in Front of an Audience is Significantly Increased. Such Endeavors Translate to the Development of Skills that relate to Audiences in General, whether for Music, Speeches, Projects in Front of Large Groups in School, etc. These Recitals also Provide a Forum for Students to be Exposed to Other Students' Efforts, thus Stimulating Interest in Expansion of their Repertoires.