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Private Piano Instruction

Welcome to my site! FRK PIANO STUDIO offers the best Private Individualized Piano Lessons for residents of New Jersey; especially, Burlington County, Mercer County, and the surrounding areas.

All of my private instruction focuses on individualized learning assisting each Student to maximize his/her personal potential better when compared to typical, traditional music lessons.

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Private Individualized Piano Lessons require commitment on the part of the Student to dedicate a sufficient amount of time to daily practice for the achievement of prescribed weekly goals. This Individualized Instruction imparts Discipline, Responsibility, Confidence, Self-Fulfillment, and Enhanced Self-Esteem. These are only a fraction of the Fruits of Private Music Lessons at FRK PIANO STUDIO.

Repertoire is a collection of pieces that a performer (the Pianist) knows and is prepared to perform. Typical "cookie-cutter" teachers rarely, if ever, mention this word or put it into practice. I DO! My Students begin developing repertoires almost immediately. Without a respectable repertoire, one will never become a competent Pianist. Having an extensive repertoire is the signature of an accomplished musician.

Where Do I Hold
My Individualized

Piano Instruction in
New Jersey?

Piano Lessons with Frank King at FRK PIANO STUDIO is located at 6 Beechwood Lane, Burlington Township, New Jersey. My Private Individualized Piano Instruction mostly serves Students from Burlington County, Mercer County, and other nearby Locations in New Jersey. Students are Invited from ANY Location in New Jersey to Study and Train with me. Private Piano Lessons are also conducted at Students' homes. My instruction is based on the Ages and Aptitudes of the Students. Individualized instruction greatly enhances the Students' capabilities accelerating productivity.
If you would like to schedule Private Individualized Piano Lessons at my studio, please don't hesitate to call today. For any questions regarding my individualized instruction, I would be happy to arrange a meeting with you and, if you wish, your child or children.