In my Career, I have taught Students of All Ages and Levels of Experience. Focusing primarily on Individual Instruction, I work with each Student to Maximize his or her Unique Musical Abilities. Many of our Musical Masters started at the Age of Three. While most Music Teachers REFUSE to accept Very Young Students, I Welcome Them. I have Developed a Very Successful Technique for teaching Students between the Ages of Three and Six. Older Students may think it is too late for them to learn. My Experience has been to the Contrary. Older Students have Consistently Demonstrated that they can Thoroughly Enjoy and Progress in the Musical Learning Process. Every Student has his or her own Preferences in Music. While the Fundamentals of Music are always Stressed, Personal Choices of all Students are used in selecting Pieces for Lessons and Performance. A Diverse Array of Musical Genres including Classical, Jazz, Worship Music, Gospel, Rock, Country, Show Tunes, and Popular Music are available for my Students.

Each Individual possesses a Unique Aptitude for Musical Performance that must be Addressed with a Special, Singular Focus as per his or her Musical Strengths and Weaknesses. This Requires that each Student be taught in a Personalized Way. I consider it Imperative that all of my Students learn to Read Music. No Typical, educational, "Cookie-Cutter" System will successfully bring about Desired Results. Accordingly, I Arrange much of what my Students perform. In conjunction with this, I use Several Well-Proven, Cornerstone Courses rather than the Tedious, Traditional, Single-Method-Book Approach. I Eclectically choose the pieces to be learned to Satisfy the Students' Particular Needs. This Combination of Written Music and Material chosen from several methods Maximizes Motivation and Interest. Also, Parental Involvement is Consistently and Enthusiastically Encouraged Aiding in the Attainment of the Prescribed Assignments.